First impressions

From our arrival in Sligo, we were immediately conquered by the choice of our destination.


Calry Church, Sligo

We wanted to discover a new country and we had a lot of positive feedback about Ireland :  it was the perfect occasion.

To reach Sligo we had to take the plane from Paris to Dublin, and from this point we went to the Connolly Station by cab : it was our first meeting with the Irish culture. We instantly realized that the Irish were warm and welcoming people.

The taxi driver was very talkative and after asking us a lot of questions he told us his experience with France : he used to live there. Once we arrived to the train station he even helped us to locate ourselves in relation to the trains.

The night had already fallen when we took the train, so we unfortunately could not admire the Irish landscapes. Finally, we arrived at Sligo and took another cab until our accommodation : we were so tired that it seemed perfect to us (and still does).

The next day, we went for a walk in the surroundings and in the city center. It seemed a bit long on foot but we were delighted to discover Sligo and, moreover, during our first week we only had good weather. We found the town to be very beautiful and to the image of Ireland: green.

Our first day at the IT went was great, we were very well received by all the lecturers who immediately put us at ease and introduced themselves. Also, the IT’s structure was very impressive in its architecture but fortunately we had the right to a full tour.


Doorly Park, Sligo

This picture represents our first impressions of our first pedestrian exit during the sunny days. We walked along the Garavogue river until we arrived at the Lough Gill, the lake that border on Sligo.

Alexis & Aurélie

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