College life

On our first day at the IT Sligo, we received our timetable. We found it very convenient because we had enough free time to practice extra-curricular activities and to visit the surroundings. We then discovered that plenty of activities were organized at the Knockarea Arena without having to register so we decided to go at the badminton training every monday. Moreover, several other ESME students also went there, which allowed us to get to know more about those we did not already know.

Concerning the lectures, all of them were interesting. The Software engineering class taught us how to work as a team and how to behave in a business situation. Then the English business lesson allowed us to consolidate our bases in grammar while discussing current affairs. Moreover, the Embedded System, Microcontroller and Data communication labs has enabled us to improve our code skills.

In each lectures, the workload wasn’t too large which permit us to focus on other things such as discovering Ireland and its culture.

About making new friends, we didn’t really have the opportunity to be part of an Irish group, our class only had a few who were not necessarily very talkative. However, we developed a good cohesion within our group of french students.



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