Travel in Ireland

Since we arrived in Ireland, Alexis and I visited many different cities : Dublin and Galway are the main because we stayed there longer than the others one.

                                                               Galway                                                            Dublin


The first one was Galway, we were a group of six students to go there. Thus, we went there by bus and the return ticket cost us  thirty euros per person. When we reached our destination, we dropped our bags at the youth hotel, which cost us fifty euros per person for two night (breakfast included),  and then we went for a walk into the city. We went in few pubs and watched a rugby match. This city was a little more lively than Sligo and the atmosphere was great : as we were staying in the city center we were close to the pedestrian streets and so festivities.

On the second day we have rented bikes and went for a ride through the Connemara lakes. We saw amazing landscape despite of the weather that wasn’t very clement.


The second one was Dublin. We went to Dublin by rail to meet Alexis’ parents and visit the city during the week end. The return ticket cost us thirty eight euros but it was more pleasant than the bus, according to me. I didn’t want to go back to Sligo by car so I decided to take the train and I met an Irish woman that used to teach English in a french university. I think that train is a good way to share with other people that you don’t even know, it feels very good to meet and talk with Irish people.

In Dublin the weather wasn’t on our side either because it rained the entire two days with a cold wind. Nonetheless, we visited several places such as Temple Bar and the Trinity College, walking along the Liffey river. We stayed in an hotel in the area named “The Liberties”. For our last lunch we ate at the oldest pub in Dublin, the Brazen Head.

To make a comparison between Ireland and France, we can say that concerning the rail the ticket price is a little bit lower than in France in regards to regular trains. Even if the country size isn’t as big, it still permit you to cross the entire Ireland in three hours for nineteen euros as a student.


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